March 24, 2019

Ways to bid your roof cheaper - Be Ware

  1. Don't belong to the BBB
  2. Don't carry liability Insurance; or, pay to get the insurance papers and then cancel one week later. That way you still have the paper......but no insurance. Yes, that happens.  Always call the roofers insurance company BEFORE you ever let them on your roof to make sure it's still in effect.
  3. Use illegal aliens. Although my roofers are a family originally from Guatamala, I give them 1099's every year and they pay their taxes. I'm NOT disparaging immigrants, however, I've found their work CAN BE extremely erratic and tend to follow storms. My crew has been with me for almost 7yrs. I only use one crew. You don't need to worry whether you got the "Good crew" or the worst crew. If a big company has 10 crews I will guarantee that the quality isn't the same.   
  4. Use the cheapest (read: least experienced) roofers. They don't charge as much. Great for the roofing company...bad for you!
  5. Operate out of a pickup / garage / hotel room
  6. Don't have a letter of good standing with the Secretary of State  
  7. Don't take the examination to receive a "Certificate of Achievement" from the International Code Council for both  Roofing and Home Improvement Contractor (Gutters, Siding, Windows, Decks, etc.)
  8. Don't register with the State of Nebraska, Omaha, City of Council Bluffs, La Vista, Ralston, Bellevue, etc.
  9. Don't live locally to cover Workmanship Warranty's.  One of my customers said the salesman offered a 50yr transferable warranty on the roof.  Keep in mind that the shingle he was going to put on was a 30yr shingle!  Desperate roofers call for desperate measures. As I mentioned before, there is NO way that roofer is going to drive up from Texas to fix a leak or replace a defective shingle. 
  10. Use B stock or old materials ( shingles, felt, sheeting, staples, etc. )

Your insurance has already placed a bid on the cost to replace your roof, gutters, etc.   ANY price submitted BELOW their accepted price is only saving your insurance company money and exposing you to the above risks.